5 Reasons the Powerful Zavic Test Boosts Workplace Efficiency

The Zavic test is a psychometric tool that is gaining popularity for its relevance in understanding people’s values ​​and interests, especially in the workplace. A psychometric test should be backed by science and give accurate results that anyone can use. Furthermore, the results must be analyzed, evaluated and interpreted by qualified people. There are 20 questions in this test and it takes about 20 minutes to complete. It works for people at any hierarchical level and can be used by a group or an individual.

People with educational levels ranging from elementary school to college can take Zavic test.

We will explain later.

Importance and description of Zavic Test

Through its questions, the test shows values ​​and interests that are important at work, helping people determine what values ​​and interests they need to perform their roles well. The goal of Zavic test is usually to find people whose interests and values ​​match those of a company.

It is necessary for the people in charge of a company to discover the personal impulses behind professional interests. Linking these motivations to the company’s organizational culture can greatly contribute to human talent management.

So it is important to use Zavic test to determine what type of person an employee is and how well they will perform in their job.

Influencing factors During Zavic Test

● Morality: adhere to good behaviors and standards imposed by the family, society or company.

● Legality: desire to be honest.

● Indifference: lack of desire to follow rules.

● Corruption: prone to committing bribery, causing trouble, ignoring moral values, etc.

Personal interests assessed

● Economic: desire for wealth and material possessions.

● Political: strong focus on power.

● Social: value and interest in others.

● Religious: loyalty to rules and respect for authority.

Evaluation and Interpretation

The test shows what values ​​and interests are important to a job and can then be applied to the organization.

These results show how a person thinks, interacts with others, and acts in various work situations.

Validity and precision

Validity in a psychometric test is how much the test measures what it was administered to measure. It shows that the evaluation of test scores is appropriate and meaningful.

Precision is how reliable and consistent the results are. This means obtaining the same results with the same person and under the same conditions. Every psychometric test needs precision.

When used correctly and interpreted by qualified personnel, specialists usually agree that it is valid and correct. Several human resources companies around the world use this test because it is backed by science and provides accurate results.

On the other hand, some critics say that it is difficult to get a true picture of a person’s values ​​from the test alone. They say a structured interview should also be conducted in addition to the test to get complete results.

Human Talent Management uses it a lot, especially when hiring and choosing employees. This test helps to know if a candidate fits with the company’s culture and philosophy.


The test checks how much candidates value morality and honesty, which helps find people who are likely to be dishonest from the start.


Companies can better match job requirements to candidates’ motivations if they know what motivates them. This leads to better job adaptation and greater job satisfaction.

Organizational climate

Adding people who share the company’s interests and values ​​improves the work environment and overall safety.

Performance improvement

Companies can increase productivity by focusing on specific motivators once they know what motivates their employees.

The Zavic test determines individual interests and values ​​in the workplace. It is a valuable tool for human resources management.

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