5 Safety Tips For Using A Glass Breaker 

Every experienced driver understands the significance of road safety. They have window breakers that offer exceptional life-saving capacities. However, this tool’s effectiveness lies significantly in the user’s ability to use it safely. Imagine trying to escape from a submerged vehicle.  

The doors are locked. You quickly access your window breaker, but you cannot use it. You can get yourself out of danger by discovering simple solutions now. This guide delves into five safety tips for using glass breakers responsibly. 

1. Carry the Right Window Breaker 

Window breakers have different designs, functionalities, and features. They also come in varied sizes and shapes. You can find some that have additional tools like LED lights and seatbelt cutters. The variations mean the vital safety tools differ in their efficiency. 

Insist on a glass breaker made from high-quality materials. Tungsten striker beads are excellent. The window breakers with these beads can facilitate emergency vehicle egress through your car’s windows. They are lightweight and fully adjustable. Tungsten is a mineral suitable for shattering glass fast. 

Besides the material quality, consider the handle’s ergonomics. Choose one that you can use without experiencing discomfort. 

Apart from the quality of the tool, you need to know your glass. Some blunt objects can shatter tempered glass. A strong hammer with a built-in seatbelt cutter can help you escape from a car or building with these glass windows. However, hammers do not work well underwater. A quality window breaker is an excellent choice under these circumstances. 

For laminated glass, you need a strong window breaker. These windows are tough. Hammers cannot break them during emergencies, but suitable glass breakers can. 

2. Survey the Situation 

It is essential to have a suitable window breaker. But how you react to the situation matters. You might want to escape when an accident happens. That is a natural human response. However, avoid the rush decision. 

Quickly find out whether you and the other occupants are safe. Check the window you want to break. Ensure no one is close to it. You may need to cut a seatbelt before breaking the glass. In addition, you can advise the occupants to prepare to exit calmly without causing injuries. 

3. Find the Right Glass to Break 

Once you ascertain the safety of the occupants, find the glass you can break. Remember, destroying all the glasses can expose you to more risk. It can create more space for water to rush in and suffocate you or the occupants. The nature of the emergency should guide you on how to go about this. 

After assessing the nature of the need, consider choosing a side window. A layer protects your car’s windscreen. It makes shattering it difficult. You can shatter it using a suitable tool. However, the layers can hinder you from climbing out for safety. Your side glass windows are weaker. They lack this enhancing layer. Since you must avoid trial and error during an emergency, you should target these fragile glasses. 

You can go against this rule in some situations. Take precautions while choosing the glass to break to minimize injuries. Consider what you can do when a car rolls over. Some windows face the earth or water. It might be safest to break those directly facing the sky. Sometimes, it can be the windshield. 

4. Understand Your Window Breaker’s Tip Design 

A vehicle can have many types of glasses. After choosing the one to break, evaluate the tip’s design. Use the insight to understand how to use the device. 

Many use sharp-pointed tips. You can hit them against tempered window glasses to shatter them. You can also find a blunt tip. Use these to bash through glass barriers. 

5. Hit the Glass 

Place the breaker on an appropriate corner of the window. Whether you are rescuing someone from outside or saving yourself, this is the ideal position. It will help you to break the glass fast. As you position the window breaker’s tip, protect your hands. These tools are sharp and can hurt you. 

You are now ready to break the window. Apply the right amount of force. Your glass breaker’s design and the type of your glass determine the amount of pressure you require. You need between 20,000 and 24,000 pounds per square inch to break your tempered glass. These figures mean about 60 pounds of force is enough to shatter it. A laminated glass requires slightly more. You might need to hit more than once. 

Many drivers do not have force gauges in their cars. A few that do often lack the time to measure the amount of force they use during emergencies. It makes sense since you have limited time during such times. You can use personal judgment. It is safe to use a little more force than recommended. However, too much pressure can send splinters flying over the place. 

Summing Up 

A window breaker can help you to escape from a vehicle or building. You can apply the same tips above irrespective of where the emergency arises. Carry the right tool and use it after carefully assessing the nature of the need. Consider the glass you want to break and the efficiency of your tool. Finally, target the corners and apply the right amount of force. Your preparedness can make all the difference in a life-threatening situation. 

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