How to keep a grill clean, and functioning?

Grilling, and having a party in the garden or a backyard is a winter activity. One never throws a barbeque party in summer because it is scorching hot outside. Even if one wants to do it – they can do it in spring or in the beginning of the summer, and not in the peak summer weather. But of course, the grill that one uses for the party is an asset that one has to maintain throughout the year.

It is the main thing that is needed in a barbeque, and that is why a grill needs proper maintenance, and care. They need weather protection if it is an outside grill, and using BBQ covers can ensure that it stays perfect even when they are not in use.

Here are some routines that one has to follow:

  • Keeping the grill clean, is the most essential thing to keep it in perfect condition. After each use, one needs to scrub all the grates thoroughly with a wire brush so that all the food residues are removed. In case of gas grills, one has to clean the burner tubes, and the grease trap so that grease fire never happens.  When it comes to charcoal grills, the first thing that one has to do after using it – is to empty the ash safely. All the grills need deep cleaning periodically, and one can wash them with soap liquid mixed with warm water. The exterior of the grill also needs cleaning so that there is no dirt buildup.
  • From time-to-time, one has to inspect their grill to see if there are any signs of wear, and tear. Checking for loose screws, rust corners, damaged parts to see if they need repair or replacement. One has to give special attention to the ignition system, burner, and gas lines because these are the common areas of problems. Preventing the issue can prevent major problems afterwards.
  • The grill needs proper cover – especially if it is an outdoor grill. It needs protection from rain, UV rays, and snow. One needs to invest in a good-quality BBQ cover that fits properly over the grill. Look for barbeque covers that are made of weather-resistant, and durable materials like vinyl or polyester. Once the grill is cleaned, and dried one can cover it with the grill-cover so that there is no debris or moisture build-up there.
  • If the grill has cast iron grates, then proper seasoning is very essential so that there is no rust accumulation on the non-stick surface. After cleaning the grates, one can coat them with a very thin layer of vegetable oil by using a paper towel or a brush. Heat the grill too high for 15 minutes, and then allow the oil to be absorbed by the metal. One has to repeat this process at a regular interval to keep the cast iron grates in best condition.
  • Rust is the major enemy of any grill. But one can protect them from corrosion. In case of stainless-steel grills, one has to use a stainless-steel cleaner, and a polish to remove the water spots, and fingerprints. This can make a protective barrier against the rust. In case of cast iron grills, applying a light coat of vegetable oil to prevent moisture on the metal can save it from rust attacks.
  • If one lives in a place that has harsh winter, then it is a good idea to store the grill inside the house during off-season. Make sure to clean, and dry the grill properly before storing it inside so that mould never accumulates there. If one cannot store it indoors, then they must make a sheltered-place outside and use Weber BBQ covers to provide the best protection. Also, one should store the grill in a cool, and dry place.
  • Doing regular upkeep is important but sometimes getting it cleaned by professionals is also necessary. One can schedule an annual grill maintenance session with an experienced technician so that they can come to inspect the grill, and see if there are any underlying issues, and if they need some necessary repairs or not. They can also ensure if the grill is in good condition to function or not.
  • According to experts, one should disassemble the grill, and store it during off-season. This can lead to a compact storage. It not only saves space but one can also clean it thoroughly when they clean the individual parts. One can put all the small things like handles, knobs, and grates in labelled containers to prevent any sort of damage or loss.

Keeping the grill pest-free is also very important.  Pests like rodents, and other insects are attracted to pest residue, and grease build-up. Hence, cleaning it, and keeping it pest-free can make the grill last longer. And that means, one can enjoy a barbeque with their friends, and family anytime.

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