Are Totem Signs and Monolith Signs Versatile?

Ever notice the tall, attractive signs that pointed you to different stores or told you about special promotions in busy commercial areas or shopping complexes?

Mostly, this signage is either a totem or a monolith sign. Businesses rely on this strategic tool for visibility and brand recall.

We explain the different needs these signs take care of and how they can be personalized to meet exact requirements.

Branding and Brand Awareness

This is one of the main needs addressed by monolith and totem signs – reinforcing brand identity. These signs are imposing visual landmarks. It’s impossible for passersby to overlook them and by extension – your brand’s presence.

The manner of display of a brand’s logo and brand colors through totem signs must be visually striking. They’re multipaneled and competing with others, so every business tries to make its own sign look different. They’re placed in high-traffic areas like busy intersections, commercial districts, markets, etc.

Monolith signs have a more architectural branding touch. Their body is sleek with a modern design that can complement their surroundings. The idea is to be a visually appealing representation of your brand.

Wayfinding and Directional Signage

Totem signs and monolith signs are clear and compelling wayfinding and directional signage. If your business is located in large complexes, retail parks, or sprawling campuses – these signs are what you need for your visitors to get to you.

Totem signs (with their multiple panels) can display directional information, maps, and even digital displays, making it easier for visitors to get about. They are placed at the main decision points.

Monolith signs (with their clean and minimalist design) blend well with the surrounding architecture but still give clear and concise directional information to your visitors.

Advertising and Promotions

Both totem signs and monolith signs can be practical ways for businesses to advertise their goods, services, or special deals in a way that fetches attention.

Because totem signs have more than one panel, you can put up heavy information about what you are selling. Different products or services can be highlighted in specific panels. This makes it simpler for potential customers to quickly see a complete picture of what you have to offer.

Even though monolith signs are simpler in design, they can still be useful for advertising. They look clean and modern, which is an underestimated quality in displaying sophistication and elegance. This makes them perfect for advertising high-end goods or services.

Versatility and Customization

The flexibility aspect is common to both totem and monolith signs. There’s enough for all business needs and marketing choices.

Totem signs can be designed with mixed panel configurations. Businesses can alter the layout and information display as needed for their business goals. These signs can add digital displays, illumination, or even interactive elements. All this adds favorable points to engagement numbers.

Monolith signs are not far behind in a range of customization options as well. Businesses can choose from different materials (such as stainless steel, aluminum, or wood) and try adding different lighting and digital displays. These signs can also be designed to match your brand’s messaging.

Parting Thoughts

Totem and monolith signs are adaptable outdoor advertising solutions. They address a variety of needs – branding, wayfinding, advertising and promotions, etc.

One sign may be more favorable to a business than the other because of some differences in strengths and capabilities. Whichever way they decide to go, companies can make smart choices and place outdoor signs that really speak to the people they want to reach.

Ice Signs specializes in creating bespoke signage tailored to client needs. Their range includes illuminated and non-illuminated signs, with options for various finishes and materials. They serve clients from different industries, providing durable and attractive signage solutions.

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