The Dos and Don’ts of Sharing Your Wedding Announcement on Social Media

The Dos and Don’ts of Sharing Your Wedding Announcement on Social Media

The Dos and Don’ts of Sharing Your Wedding Announcement on Social Media

Sharing your wedding announcement via social media is an engaging and modern way of sharing news of your special day with loved ones and acquaintances across the world. While sharing can be fun and convenient, there are certain rules you need to abide by to ensure it’s tasteful, respectful and well received by its audience. We will help guide you through these important considerations for social media wedding announcements so you can navigate this exciting aspect of wedding planning with grace and style!

 Avoid Exposing Your Wedding Announcement on Social Media

1. Send Out Thoughtful and Personal Greetings

As part of your social media wedding announcements, it’s essential that your message reflects both excitement and appreciation for this milestone event in your lives. Include details such as where and when you met or why this day holds special meaning; adding this personal note allows your friends and family to experience your joy alongside you!

2. Include High-Quality Photos When Editing.

Include high-quality photos from your wedding day in your social media announcement so friends and family can witness your joy on this milestone occasion. Select some favorite shots which capture the essence of that day as well as showcase how happy and contented newlywed couples feel about life together.

3. Choose Appropriate Hashtags and Tags

Utilizing relevant hashtags and tags when sharing your wedding announcement online will increase its visibility, and allow friends and family to easily locate it and share. Consider including JustMarried, WeddingAnnouncement, and Newlyweds in addition to tags related to your venue or photographer in order to reach a wider audience.

Respond to Well Wishes and Congratulate Individuals on Their Success  4. Do Respond to Congratulations and Well-Wishes

Make sure to respond to well wishes and congratulations from family and friends by acknowledging them on social media posts with comments sections, by saying thank you or acknowledging what was said – this way demonstrating appreciation while building stronger connections during this special time in life.

4. Consider Your Audience When Planning Content Strategies

Be mindful of how sharing a wedding announcement on social media could impact people. While it’s tempting to want to spread news quickly and broadly, be conscious that certain friends or family may feel excluded when learning of it through public announcement. Consider sending personalized messages or calling close acquaintances privately before going public with this news.

 What Not To Share on Social Media for Wedding Announcement

1. Limit Sharing Too Many Details

Though it can be tempting to share every detail of your wedding on social media, it’s wiser not to overshare. Instead, avoid sharing details such as cost estimates or conflicts between vendors, personal disagreements between you and them or personal disputes which might come across as inappropriate and may overshadow the joyous news that surrounds it.

2. Notify Close Friends and Family Before Announcement

Before making a public announcement via social media, it is crucial that close friends and family know individually of any news. Otherwise, doing it this way could result in hurt feelings and resentment from loved ones; take the time instead to share this news through personal messages or phone calls with these close ones before sharing on public platforms like social media.

3. Do Not Post during Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Though it can be tempting to share updates and photos from your wedding ceremony or reception on social media during it, it’s essential that you refrain from doing so during these important occasions. Social media posts during events may distract guests while taking away from its significance and solemnity.

4. Don’t Forget to Review Privacy Settings

Before posting your wedding announcement to social media, review your privacy settings to make sure it will only reach those you intend. Create a custom audience or friends list so your post reaches only people close to you while keeping it hidden from acquaintances or coworkers.

5. Remember to Tag Vendors and Wedding Professionals

If your wedding vendors and professionals provided excellent services, be sure to mention them on social media! Tagging them not only shows appreciation for their services but can help promote their businesses to your network of followers.


Sharing the news of your special day via social media can be an engaging and innovative way of spreading news of it to friends, family and acquaintances near and far. By following our guidelines for crafting social media wedding announcements you can share the joy with elegance while keeping an eye out for ways that your announcement might offend or insult those receiving it – ultimately the key goal should be celebrating love while being sensitive towards everyone involved and their respective preferences and feelings! Happy announcing!

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