6 Instagram Music Marketing Tips

Major social media platforms like Instagram have brought significant changes to the music industry. Instagram has changed the way we publish and consume music. Instagram serves as a platform for budding musicians to showcase their creative music talents, edit songs, and change the tone, the language, and even the lyrics. To succeed as a musician on Instagram, you also need to focus o Instagram music marketing in the music industry. 

Here are 6 Instagram music marketing tips 

  1. Prioritize your Instagram bio

Your Instagram bio is the first thing that your audience notices when they visit your account. Your Instagram bio can make or break the first impression of a viewer. You must optimize your Instagram bio, introduce yourself as a musician and connect with your viewers. 

Since your Instagram bio is limited to only 150 characters, you need to be strategic on how you can best utilize this small space. Describe your genre, and what your music represents, and showcase your uniqueness to your audience. Tell your audience your current achievements, like releasing a new song, dates for your new tour, etc. You can also talk about your awards and career highlights, make sure that you stick to only facts and are honest about your achievements. Add a link to your website, Spotify, or YouTube channel. Instagram statistics identify links instantly and also help you understand how your audience is engaging with these links. 

  1. Profile picture and username 

If you want your audience to remember you, and keep coming back to you, you cannot do with a generic name. Your username should be unique and stand out from the rest to catch your audience’s attention. Do not use numbers or special characters in your username as these usernames are difficult to recall and remember. Your username showcases your music brand image and creates your identity along with your profile picture. Instagram is a visual platform and to make it big on this platform, your profile picture should be compelling enough. It could be a logo or just a well-designed image, the choice is yours. Your profile picture represents your music and you as a musician. It showcases the kind of aesthetic your music belongs to, and the genre you work with. 

  1. Curate mesmerizing visual content 

Instagram back in the day, was only used to showcase still images. Instagram has now introduced various types of media including IGTVs, Reels, and GIFs. Utilize this diversity well to showcase your creative content. To engage with your audience and provide them a sense of familiarity with their favorite artist, it is suggested that you post behind-the-scenes shoots that reflect your personality inside and outside the music industry. Tell your audience a story through your Instagram feed and posts. For this purpose, you can post your fans wearing your merchandise, your recent vacation place, your hobbies, or interactions with other people in the music industry; this could be a collab or a simple lunch photo drop.

Keep your fans excited for your upcoming song release by publishing a teaser or a snippet of the song lyrics to give them something to look forward to. Consider using an explainer video creator to craft engaging content that highlights your music, stories, and behind-the-scenes moments in a visually appealing way.

  1. Focus on the right hashtags 

Hashtags are extremely important for you to get noticed by your target audience and by the right crowd. Your viewers navigate their interests by using hashtags and finding new content that is relevant to their interests. Moreover, Instagram statistics and algorithms use hashtags to recommend interest-based posts to their users based on the type of content they consume. There is a limit to using only 30 hashtags with each post, so make sure that you choose your hashtags carefully, research what hashtags are trending in the music industry and relevant to your genre, and include them in your posts. Aim to use a minimum of at least 20 hashtags in each post and 10 hashtags in the Instagram story. 

  1. Utilise ads and sponsored posts 

It is difficult and rare to have organic reach on Instagram nowadays. That is the reason why even most of the popular accounts are now turning to paid and sponsored posts. You can now convert your Instagram account to a business account and invest in ads to reach a new and wider audience. 

Instagram ads are guaranteed to bring you results, you can even check Instagram statistics to keep a look at how many new fans are engaging with your ad and if your ad helps in increasing your reach. Although, while you are investing money in ads make sure that you are careful with the costs, set a budget, and try not to exceed the limit. Instagram ads are cheap but can get very expensive if you do not keep an eye on your budget. 

  1. Go live once in a while 

Showcasing your music live on Instagram helps in building trust with your audience. By going live you can prove to your fans that you are not lip-syncing, and your music is organic. You can also use the live feature to connect with your fans, have a little Q&A session to get to know your fans better, and for your fans to get to know you better.  

Make big announcements about your career on Instagram live, also address your fans so that they feel heard and acknowledged. Showing that you care about your fan base goes a long way and helps in building a loyal fan community that will support you and cheer you to success. 

Last words 

If used right, Instagram can boost your music career and help you get noticed by the big players in the music industry. It is a versatile platform and is used by people all over the world to connect over shared interests. Use this guide to help start your music marketing. Follow the tips mentioned above to get the best of Instagram as a creator and reach your goal audience. It is now time to get started, so go out there and make music!

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