Your Office Space May Need a Makeover

Is your office feeling a bit drab and uninspiring lately?

When was the last time you gave the workplace a fresh new look?

If it’s been years since any updates – it might be time for some change. This can breathe new life into your space, shoot up employee morale, productivity, creativity and if you’re a landlord looking to give the place on rent – help you attract tenants.

Benefits of an Office Refresh

Numerous studies have shown that an outdated, dull office environment can negatively impact employees. Drab colors and lack of decor can make people feel unmotivated and disengaged from their work.

On the other side, an inspiring, modern office design brings with it multiple benefits, main of which are:

  • More employee productivity and focus
  • Higher job satisfaction, staff retention
  • Increased creativity, innovation
  • Improved collaboration between teams
  • Better company image and culture

Fit-Out Solutions

Changing the paint colors, moving furniture around, or adding plants are all small changes that can make a big difference in how you feel. But sometimes, what you really need is an office fit-out solution. This way your workers feel energized and valued.

And if you want potential tenants to be impressed with your space, a job done by professionals can help you negotiate a good, profitable deal.

Professional fit out companies can analyze the available office space and design efficient layouts to maximize utilization. This includes:

–Proper placement of workstations, meeting rooms, collaborative areas etc.

–Adding smart storage solutions to reduce clutter

–Making the most of vertical space effectively

Through these fit out services, you can request some customizations like ergonomic furniture and adjustable workstations (this can be made possible, for example, through movable partitions to expand or shrink spaces), multi-functional spaces, better acoustics and air quality, to name some.

Your brand image will get a push as you can spruce up the workspace with your brand’s colors, logos and designs for a unique space that can impress clients. The work culture is influenced as well, something fresh recruits and potential collaborators will appreciate.

You can also go for scalable technology infrastructure like IT and AV systems for better working experiences.

Office Insight

Office Insight brings you Cat A and Cat B office fit out services for your office transformation needs.

Cat A

We offer flexible and functional office spaces in our Category A fit-outs, which commercial landlords can use to entice new tenants. (There are even options that would appeal to eco-conscious tenants.)

Included in this standard fit-out are services like well-lit areas, recently painted walls, and fully plumbed restrooms. Renters have the freedom and the complete room to personalize the space to match their branding and operational requirements.

Cat A+ fit-outs are available for landlords who want to upgrade their properties with high-quality fixtures and fittings that will attract more renters.

Cat B

Our Cat B fit-outs are perfect for companies who have found the ideal location but want it customized to match their culture and brand. This all-inclusive service turns old, rundown buildings into modern, fully functional workplaces.

From removing old materials and building new partitions to laying carpets and installing branded graphics, our team will handle it all. Our goal is to help you design a space that represents your brand and encourages the kind of culture you want to see flourish.

Our Process

We take time to understand your needs, your inputs and your preferences. There are ample discussions as we learn more about your brand and functionality.

Our designers draw up plans that take your specifications into account, then we get them approved by you to your satisfaction. You’re always kept in the loop of the developments and there are regular on-site meetings so there’s transparency and you’re aware of the progress or any changes that need to be made.

As the fit out is complete, we carry out quality checks and provide you a 30–day post-completion support service for any concerns.

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